Sup? I'm jak. Welcome! 

I'm 31 now and was  was diagnosed with adhd at 24. I didn't notice the impact until law school (though looking back I see how pervasive it was). I began experiencing depression, anxiety & chronic overwhelm. I was smoking pot every night to numb my brain.  I sought out therapy and learned that the depression and anxiety were a byproduct of being a women with ADHD in a world not designed for my brain.

I am now a successful entrepreneur learning every day to embrace my strengths and design a life that works for me in every sense (relationships, work, environment, time, etc). I'm not perfect, but I'm endlessly learning, growing, releasing shame and truly accepting and loving myself. 

Other things about me: I'm queer, live in Santa Cruz, CA, love dancing, climbing and fitness, live in the mountains, ENFP, pisces, enneagram 2w3. :) 

Keep scrolling for my qualifications.


Long story short, I went to law school, graduated, and decided to run in the other direction. So here we are.

I am now a certified health/life coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition and completed 95% of the ADDCA ADHD Coaching training (and intentionally decided not to finish - long story, feel free to ask). This is a total of 2 years training. I also trained extensively in mediation. 

I learned a ton from my trainings, but I believe what makes me an awesome coach is that I'm right in the trenches doing the work with you. I personally have learned how to embrace the strengths of my ADHD, manage the challenges, and design a lifestyle that accommodates those strengths and struggles. This is what I promote and support my clients through. 

What is my background?